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    Sep 12

    Marc has left a new comment :

    i just think you are suffering from morgellons, your pics don`t look at all to malessezia but to morgellons hyphae 

    Hello Marc,

    Some time back, having come across two photos; one of a lady’s hand and a man’s arm
    with lesions on them identical to the ones i was inflicted with, i suspected for a little while
    that i may have Morgellon’s and started researching about it as much as i could.
    Some of my symptoms did match but many did not, especially the presence of the
    fibre like strands.

    Later on when Malassezia Species was identified by someone in the field
    and i saw the hyphae in our Microscope and verified with photos available on Google
    i wondered whether they were the fibres talked about on Morgellon’s web sites
    and the possibility of

    a) Some people having Malassezia yeast instead of Morgellon’s, or

    b) If there is such an ailment as Morgellon’s, it may cause immunity weakness and
    the onset of Myf as a secondary complication, but i am not in position nor have
    any qualifications or personal experience to offer any opinion about Morgellon’s.

    I have arrived at the present conclusion -always viewed as on a temporary basis
    and always open to correction should there be any concrete evidence to the contrary-
    after taking into consideration doctors, specialists opinions, laboratory tests, extensive research
    and based on resources available, samples, and symptoms,
    all of which have been recorded and meticulously detailed in my Blog Entries
    for any interested readers viewing.

    May I say here that the ‘Naming’ of the cause is Not my target
    but only a Means for Finding a Cure –if there is one- and / or
    Controlling the Severity of its Presence and the Symptoms it  Causes.

    Since there are, from time to time enquiries regarding Morgellons
    in private email communications or comments posted on this site,
    if you have some specific verifiable reasoning,  including relevant links,
    that support your opinion and which you would like to share  
    then it would be helpful for readers –including myself– that are interested
    and searching for any additional available Morgellons Information.

    Thanks for your Comment
    Kind Regards


    I'm also interested to find this site as it describes the horror that I'm going through. I'm being treated for scabies though, and assumed all these things were due to that.

    I haven't seen any other website attribute all the things you mention to melassezia yeast, yours is the only one that says it causes anything more than a rash. Where did you get all your information from, if I may ask? How do you know that you don't just have a parasite?


    Another comment, (please see my last one). This is exciting stuff. I'm finding my white specks to look exactly like the clumps of "hair" stuff in your photos. I was looking at them under my microscope just before, and just assuming they were clumps of fluff from the environment.

    How come there are no other images I can find online that show malassezia yeast to look like this? The images on Google are very different to this.

    Sorry if I sound dubious, I'm actually really grateful for this page, but I just want to really understand what's happening to me, and try to understand what this yeast is all about. (And understand why there is a lack of similar info. elsewhere).

    Also a lot of what your describing sounds like Morgellons, not yeast. Do you think that this yeast is probably responsible for what a lot of people call Morgellons??

    Hope you don't mind all the questions/thoughts.. :) 
    Hello bannaapple,

    I am sorry to hear that you too are going through these symptoms.
    If you are diagnosed and treated for scabies perhaps your problems will be over soon.

    The information provided in my Blog is the result of Two Years intensive research
    on the internet -though there has not been much research done generally on this subject-
    and my own ‘forensic detective’ work and dedicated observations of the behaviour,
    patterns, and results of the creature on my body, together with the invaluable aid
    of two different types of Microscopes, as well as the results of many substances
    and methods i have used throughout and the relative success or failure of the treatments.

    In my Entry “Specialist Visits” i mention various medical tests performed  and results
    returned negative, such as Blood, Urine, Genital swabs, a Biopsy and several other
    Lab tests, which excluded the presence of scabies, herpes, and various other ailments.

    There have been no stool samples nor symptoms present that matched with intestinal
    parasites but rather countless samples that showed the presence of Malassezia yeast.
    Additionally i had a photo of a sample identified by someone qualified in the field
    and i verified by comparing with Malassezia photos available on google.

    I am not clear what you mean by Google photos looking ‘like this’
    (perhaps you may need to define your keywords to lead you to the right links).
    Google is very helpful but requires several attempts and a lot of rewording of
    search keywords to lead to the appropriate links.

    In regards to Morgellon’s, when i was in a similar place of trying to identify the cause
    of my symptoms, i came across two photos; one of a lady’s hand and a man’s arm
    with lesions on them identical to the ones i was inflicted with, back then,
    So for a while i suspected that i may have Morgellon’s and started researching
    as much as i could.
    Some of my symptoms did match but many did not, especially the presence of the
    fibre like strands.
    Later on when Myf was identified and i saw the hyphae in the Microscope
    i wondered whether they were the fibres talked about on Morgellon’s web sites
    and the possibility of

    a) Some people having Malassezia yeast instead of Morgellon’s, or
    b) If there is such an ailment as Morgellon’s, it may cause immunity weakness and
    the onset of Myf as a secondary complication, but i am not in position nor have
    the qualifications or personal experience to offer any opinion about Morgellon’s.

    I hope i have answered your questions somewhat adequately.

    Perhaps going through this site and reading all available that has been tried and tested
    you may find something that can suit you and be of help.

    Kind regards

    * * *
    Rose M has left a new comment on your post "Malassezia Yeast - Symptoms - Comments - Photos":

    OMG - I cannot believe this. Your description of signs and symptoms are Exactly what I have been experiencing! I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. It is almost 2am so I will review after some sleep.
    I also do not understand the comment about possible link to the infection - since you know what the infectious organism is and its obvious relation to fungi, i.e., yeast. I think that whole thrips and Collembola finding is a red herring.
    And I believe the sensations experienced are caused by exposure to mycotoxins or microorganism volatile organic compounds caused by secondary metabolites.
    I just re-read your comments...it is truly unbelievable that I found your site. One question though - have you had any problems with your shoes or clothing/bedding?

    Thanks so much, 

    Hello Rose M,

    I am glad you stumbled upon my site too!  
    I cannot say i am glad that you are experiencing exactly the same signs and symptoms.
    I hope you find some helpful hints and info and hope things will improve for you soon.

    Regarding the Thrips comments, it is pity there was no follow up by the reader
    but perhaps the similarity of symptoms becomes very confusing
    and it was  only due to our 2 Microscopes and the kind gentleman
    who made the effort to respond and help with the identification of a sample in our photos
    that i was able to come out of a similar labyrinth of confusion
    and piece things together with more targeted observations.

    As for my shoes, clothing and bedding, they are all washed /scrubbed daily
    and what is not washable is packed or thrown away

    Shoes especially are like museum display reminding me there was another life i had lived.

    Since feet and Toe Nails especially tend to get heavily colonised and abused
    i have been forced into wearing only plastic sandals for washability and convenience...

    Here is a sample of the latest Fashion of what i am condemned to wear now...


    Fortunately they are very inexpensive and frequently replaceable.

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to comment
    I appreciate your enthusiastic response.
    Hundreds of visitors daily but very few people ever comment
    and practically no one indicates if they find anything helpful or interesting
    even though it only requires an anonymous simple click without any further interaction
    so when someone does, it is a kind of reward for me, 
    for all the hard work and effort i have put to it, let alone the tremendous exposure of privacy
    in order to help in the best way possible.

    Kind regards


    I have discovered a possible link to the infection.
    Google thrips bite people and aloso goole bird mites. They are in the enviroment, on bushes around peoples houses. They get a ride in on your pet or a crack in the window. My home was infested, my cat had white sand specks all over her and my daughter and I have the sand in our hair and under fingernails and toenails. The Thrips eat mites and ticks and the worst is they transmit Lyme Disease.
    I will post again at a later time with more information.
    God Bless

  2. Hello Jeanette,

    Glad to hear from you again!

    I can see you are still on your own search track.

    I am not quite clear, what you mean by:

    “I have discovered a possible link to the infection”

    Do you mean Thrips having a connection to MYF
    or are you referring to the Lyme Disease?

    Could you Please Clarify?
    Looking forward to hear more

    Kind regards

1.                Anonymous22/7/12
I feel for you. I have been Rast tested with allergy to mallasezia.
 What works for me is diet. No wheat and limited all other sugars. The other thing that helps is face wash with 5% caprylic acid. Oh also garlic. Once more idea I Want go test. Every time I swim in a lake my skin allergies go away. May relate to bacteria taking up space of a the yeast.


Hello Anonymous,

Thank you for your sympathetic words!
Yes, life is very difficult battling MYF 24/7
Although i have achieved tremendous progress
there are moments i long for complete freedom 
or at least the original oblivion of its existence on my body
before this blissful balance was destroyed by the use of antibiotics.

Interesting but not surprising that when swimming in a lake 
your skin allergies go away. It appears that your assessment 
of other bacteria taking space or fighting yeast is correct. 
I believe also that if the temperature of the lake is as cold as the sea
-around 18-19 C this time of year in Aussie land- it does kill yeast 
and most likely other possibly nasty- flora. 

I agree, a good Diet and avoiding harmful sugars 
is a good way to help build the body’s immunity. 

Thanks for sharing

Best Luck

Anonymous 8/6/12

Hello Sonata, Thank you for sharing your story. I came across it yesterday researching this infection. I have discovered I have a Malassezia Furfur Yeast infection on my face & bum. & have been dealing with for just over a year now. I had for along time suspected candida & had been given a prescription of fluconazole with only temporary relief. Recently the rash on my face has increased & I am starting to get desperate. 
I have realized it is the seborrhea dermatitis caused by the MFY (scaly, red, flaky, itchy, cracking, sometimes little red/white bumps, worse when my face is greasy during my time of the month, etc...) & am waiting on another appt to the doctor. In the meantime I have been trying to some home remedies baking soda: my skin too raw & irritated, tea tree oil: this at first seemed to lessen it but after 3 days it made it even worse & possibly got a full on allergic reaction (my patch test showed no irritation so I applied it full strength) so I quit that. I had also been using a solution of 1 tsp Tea Tree Oil in 1 cup distilled water & using a spray bottle to spray my bum with it 2x/day & letting it dry in front of a fan. This really helped alot but I still am having some itchy discomfort. (Maybe this solution would work better on my face but it became so inflamed I don't want to try it on my face again just yet). & finally I came across 1 tip that has FINALLY started to show relief: Milk of Magnesia, apparently the high PH & the drying of the sebum help. It immediately "soothed" my inflamed face & has improved drastically in just 1 1/2 days of apply this. My allergic? rash has subsided & now I can clearly see the discoloration & outline of the MFY rash. It also seems to be less severe already. Have you tried this? I found a post on peoplespharmacy of combining one tube of miconazole jock itch cream with 6 oz milk of magnesia & that it has worked to clear up the MFY dermatitis for others. I am going to try this as soon as I get to the store again!!! As my doc appt isn't for a few weeks yet. Also have you done any experimenting with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil? A lot of people online seem to think this helps, but after learning MFY feeds on lipids on the skin I don't think I want to put fat on my skin. But I have read that ingesting it (3Tbsp/day for up to 3months)helps to balance out internally what allows the yeast to grow both internally & externally. The OVCO breaks down to lauric acid & is naturally anti-fungal.. I am going to start taking it asap. I'm glad you found a routine that is working for you, it gives me hope I can find something to get rid of my rashes too! I wondered if you have tried any of these methods & if they have helped or hurt your progress?? 
~Hopeful Lu


Hello Hopeful Lu,

I love your chosen Alias!

I am very glad to hear that you have the cooperation of a Doctor or Dermatologist
willing to prescribe Fluconazole, because i believe in severe or persistent cases
without medication to combat MYF internally, one is faced with a never ending story
and the use of an array of substances, many of them not beneficial
–if not even harmful- to the body, in the long term.

Some of the points that attracted my attention in your comments are:

1- “fluconazole with only temporary relief”

* Some times it takes several months on Fluconazole or Itroconazole
to be effective, and the dosage must be hight.
Here in our ‘Ausland’, ordinary GPs are not allowed to prescribe high dosages
only Dermatologists can... if they can get past the idea that it is not all 
just in one’s head.

2- “trying to some home remedies baking soda: my skin too raw & irritated”

*Yes, i found soda dries and irritates the skin but it temporarily upsets MYF
and causes it to relocate if it is still in a mobile state.

3- “tea tree oil: this at first seemed to lessen it but after 3 days it made it even worse”

* I am not surprised at all, because its cycle as i have observed it for the past 2 years
appears to be approximately 3- 3 ½- 4 days 
(until it creates a bump or lesion which then last approximately four weeks) 
and of course it thrives in Oils!

4)* Milk of Magnesia i had not heard about, as i never had need for any of its 
different uses, until the MYF situation, and a quick research on line 
after reading your comments revealed that it is banned here.

5) *Miconazole, both my husband and i have used dozens of tubes all over the body
day in –day out for a few months but never proved effective more than temporarily
and if not more inviting after the initial effect – much like the oils and lotions.
Maybe your suggested combination of both miconazole and milk of magnesia
could prove more effective. 

I have read in the forums about the coconut oil and its break down to lauric acid
etc, etc - and for each oil quoted, and any other substance for that matter,
there appears to be some good ‘logical’ reason and explanation as to why they should 
work but i have had so many painful and regrettable oil experimentation results 
– including my recent one detailed in my latest entry 
“MYF: A Controversial Experiment”
that it would take a lot of convincing to try anything in that category again. 

Additionally, because of the many health problems and limitation imposed 
due to my lung condition i have to be very careful taking anything internally
and because of the improvement i have managed to achieve so far
i more frequently now opt for anything with the least possible harmful effects
and preferably applied externally rather than taken internally.

I will appreciate if you let myself –and the visitors of this site- know any results
you may want to share, and that is either way, successful or not, 
as different things or methods work or not for different individuals.

Thank you for the time and effort to share your personal story and experiences
and please, do come back with an update! 

Kind Regards

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Just a thought about your daily action plan. You said, "Daily swim in salt chlorinated pool".

Down load a copy of "lessons from the Miracle Doctors" by Jon Barron. A free copy in a PDF format or you can buy the newer book for under $20. See the chapter, "Dying of Thirst".

Short version, Chlorinated water kills off our friendly bacteria and ingesting Probiotics while still exposing ourselve's to chlorinated H2O is not going to help regrow our friendly bacteria. A shower filter for bathing, rubber gloves (for doing dishes) and anything to keep that chlorinated water from contacting our body is necessary to rebuild our friendly bacteria. If you are not getting your water from a well, then the chlorinated city water is killing your friendly bacteria.

Good luck and may your little friends become extinct. :)


Hello Anonymous,

I remember reading your comment some time back and replying to it
but i cannot see my reply recorded here, so i will update my reply
starting with Thanking You for the valuable information you have provided
which i have taken into serious consideration!
Due to several events and realisations since i first read your comment
many routines have changed and one of them has been the swimming 
in chlorinated water – no more!.... 
I have started using gloves for washing up, even though they do not feel 
comfortable and soon i will consider if bath water filtration is possible. 
Meanwhile i have boosted my Diet with Probiotics and have been applying
natural fresh seawater on my skin and all has made a great deal of difference!

(More details in my recent entries) 

Kind Regards 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  Anonymous on 15/03/12

Hi there.
I don't know if I have MYF or Demodex Mites, the symptoms being so similar. The Mites sound more like it in my case. I've been fighting this Beast for over a year, going from mild last summer (I thought I had lice then) to extreme right now. It's taking over my life. life. I have tried everything, even spraying myself with Raid at one point,but nothing is or has worked so far. I am sure gonna try your formula. I came across something today. Vets recommend Vaseline for Demodex Mites on dogs so I tried it. Vaseline cuts the air off and they suffocate. I greased my hair and put a plastic bag over my head and I also put some on my most recent lesions. After 2 to 3 hours of torture, peace as they are now inactive,to good to be true, I'm sure. I certainly hope it will last, I'm going mental. It is hard to believe that it could be that simple, after spending so much $$$ on other stuff, I'll keep you posted.


Hello Anonymous 

My sincere Apologies for having taken so long to respond.

In my newest entry “Malassezia Yeast: Controversial Experiment”
one could see the trials and tribulations i have been through 
during the last few months.

I know your feeling and deeply sympathise with the situation
as i have been- and still go through some times - these desperate feelings 
though not as frequently anymore nor as intense either.

I am not qualified to diagnose or even guess 
what your tormenting creature might be
but i would suggest until you have it correctly diagnosed
to be open of it being anything, and try the least harmful methods
and treatments that could eventually land you in a calmer ground.

I still have the scalp problem but way less than time back
when i too had thought both my husband and i had head lice.

Initially having started with more natural-less harmful substances-
we had used apple cider vinegar but i had found eventually
that there was a temporary relief and later on somewhat inviting back.

On the contrary, applying Undiluted Fresh Lemon Juice
-another substance that is effective to some degree but does not kill-
both myself and husband, had found that it made ‘them’ 
dissert the head/scalp area and move down to the neck and shoulder.

The movement away was physically felt and there was a severe burning 
sensation on the scalp- but cannot remember if followed by lesions as a result.

Since the identification of the problem as MYF
i have been controlling the situation with ‘Head& Shoulders” shampoo
containing Zinc Pyrithione and once every couple of weeks or so
i use a Pyrethrin cream shampoo with Piperonyl Butoxide.
It all works for a couple of hours to a couple of days relief
but ultimately new ‘armies’ emerging from the internal private areas
where the ‘production factories’ are, re-invade again.

Even if something actually ‘kills’ or ‘de-activates’ the creature
the problem of New infestation remains until the main source/areas
of ‘production’ is dealt with and that is very hard without 
some medical cooperation, i.e identification and prescription
-not one that numbs the person’s senses with antidepressants 
and may make the creature somewhat sleepy 
but still allows it to remain active.

I have read this theory of “suffocation” many times before
for different -usually greasy substances- but none i have used 
have proved to me its validity... one has to know how the creature 
gets it oxygen and if it is from blood, no greasy suffocation can occur.
I still do not personally know how either Demodex or MYF 
get their oxygen etc and until i hear that it ‘breaths’ on the surface
of the skin- considering it thrives in oil/ grease/ mucous etc
i will continue to be very sceptical about this theory.

I understand your bewilderment as how something very simple
may be so effective, especially after hundreds of dollars spent,
because i have been there and i still keep finding myself there
time and again!!...

There are so many simple things, both natural or near harmless
that are effective, such as the little lemon mentioned above, etc
yet no matter how simple or complicated, natural or chemical
the substance is, the problem that seems to persist is treating 
effectively the ‘internal areas or sources and causes’ of proliferation. 

A hard truth and an understanding i have only recently arrived at 
and its full implications, and thankfully being in much better, 
milder condition than way back or i would have not been able to handle. 


Do Not give up! ... there is hope even if a compromising state 
of co-existence is achieved that can make life liveable. 
A year back i could not conceive of saying this and i fervently wanted 
“Out of this Body” – and- “Out of this life”.

Perhaps this Blog and the number of its silent visitors 
has given me a purpose to fight on like a crusader
–along with the support of my loving husband and family.

So, please Keep On and i would like to hear how you have been
and what the results of the Vaseline treatment has been 
since you first tried –have you continued?- and / or any other 
method or treatment you may have tried.
Reporting success or failure is fine and as useful!
See my example! :) 

Please free to report and let us know

All the Best

Kind Regards 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Anonymous 4/3/12

Thank you for sharing your personal (horror) with Malassezia Furfur. I have a weak immune system and get tinea versicolor and intense itch in scalp. Small white dots that itch in exact position as they come. I can feel them coming too and shriver on different locations on body, like I had a spiderfamily playing hide and seek under my clothes and when I look at the most intense itching place I see a new white minidot like a "vitiligoneedlemarking" that can grow up to 2 mm but not bigger than that. 
The slimy greasy feeling on my decolletage-yuck! After a shower with salt-peeling I can scrape with my nail on my chest within an hour and get a oilish gray-cement paste that smells sour. I have to take D-vitamin, not use any oil on body or food (omega 3 is ok) no makeup, only wear hypoallergic when shampoing and showering. I use Clotrimazol on my private part and Lamisil and Terbisil on body. Have tried both Nizoral and Selsun Blue and Ketakonazole body-wrap over night. I get positive effect when taking extra iron, B5 powder (for reducing sebum) and A-vitamin especially Roaccuttan as the Malassizia Furfur cant live without our oily skin. As Roacuttan is too strong to only take in prevention I optimize my diet instead. I eat no gluten or yeast, rye or corn (my Enlish is not so good hope you understand) Have cut out chocolate, sugar, dried fruits (often contains mold particals) If my itch is OMG I WANT OUT OF THIS BODY!!! I drink a Redbull Sugarfree or take a half Aspirin, reason is that if i do that half an our before doing exercise or (right after) showering (two things that get my sticky blood filled with fungus toxins to start itching my blood passed easier cause both Apirin and Redbull have that benefit        ./.

No Tavegyl or Atarax has helped only make my itching worse with side effects but coffein and aspirine helps.

New pillowcase every night and bedding. New PJ, a yeastfree pill of probiotics and always wipe of sweat or oil with fresh untreated paper (no wetwipes or wet cleaningwipes)

Applecider vinager 2 times a day. 

And that has help me be total free for two years. First time I got so neglected from different doctors and dermatologist that I got severe anemia, lost all my hair (did go fast when It started to shedd and I am around 30 and had long beatiful hair at that time. The itch was the thing that really turned me from a happy girl to someone nearly willing to give up only to not have that burning itching shivering feeling and see new dots every day. Finally I googled all I can find and saw "Meatballs and spaghetti" aka Malassezia Furfur and even if the Dermatologist did watch me with her googles on and strong lamp she said "No you do not have fungus. Its sundamages because you are so tanned!" I then said its not in my head my hubbie is here and he has seen them coming in four weeks and me crying of pain and sleeping with gloves tied on so I will not hurt my skin unintentionally. My hubbie sad we didnt leave this third time in two weeks (no bloodtest been done yet) before she did a scrape-test. And she sighted and scaped fast on my shoulder raise to the nearby room and then we followed and she was very suprised to see the Lady & Lufsen-meal in her microscope. Then I got a bloodtest and a had 20 in iron so I got fast treatment there and then she prescribed Sporanox/Itraconazole and by the cure was finish my itch was gone hair hade fell two days after we met her so that was sad but she told me next time cause M.F is latent and if not carefully watching all pre-steps (skipping antibiotics for ex) it will come back and it takes almost 8 months to get my skin even and nicely tanned again. I have followed the regimen but last week I got a massage(back) and asked prior visit about what oil they used and if I could take Aloe vera or Tee Tree instead of their Coco oil. Then they forgot that even if "my bottle" was in the room. I got terrible folliculitis on neck and woke up the third day with a extra oily face and chest. It smelted sour and then I got the itch...Unfortunately I have to wait 3 days before the pharmacy in my town have the treatment at their desk. Sorry again for writing so long but I have read so much but noone so personal and deeply bout this. Thanks from my heart.
Cia in Sweden.

Hello Cia,

My sincere Apologies for having taken so long to respond.

In my newest entry “Malassezia Yeast: Controversial Experiment”
one could see the trials and tribulations i have been through 
during the last few months.

I too have the problem with itchy scalp and white crystalline shards
and i am glad you mentioned the ‘ Shivering’ 
in different locations of your body
because i have been experiencing it too and very frequently.

First things first, with the scalp problem, 
back when i had thought it to be head lice 
i had used apple cider vinegar but i had found eventually
that the relief was only temporary and later on somewhat inviting more.
On the contrary, applying Undiluted Fresh Lemon Juice
-another substance that is effective to a degree but does not kill-
both myself and husband, had found that it made ‘them’ 
dissert the head/scalp area and move down to the neck and shoulder.
The movement away was physically felt and there was severe burning 
sensation on the scalp- cannot remember if followed by lesions as a result.

Since the identification of the problem as MYF
i have been controlling the situation with ‘Head& Shoulders” shampoo
containing Zinc Pyrithione and once every couple of weeks or so
i use a Pyrethrin cream shampoo with Piperonyl Butoxide.
It all works for a couple of hours to a couple of days relief
but ultimately new ‘armies’ emerging from the internal private areas
where the ‘production factories’ are, re-invade again.

The Shivering i have been experiencing for a long time 
-only recently lessening in frequency and severity-
and have detected two kinds or causes
-unfortunately, like so much else, without concrete confirmation.

Type 1: 
Due to fungous migration i.e: movement ‘ into’ the hair follicles
or ‘out’ of them, i.e transition from one stage of development to the next

Type 2:
When not accompanied by a sense of ‘motion’ 
of perhaps ‘stage 2?...spores?’---as in Type 1, 
as a skin or blood response to possibly release of its chemicals 
while still in the follicles. 

My suspicion for the second type as a skin or blood response
is due to the fact that following the shivering, within a few minutes, 
i get to experience a strong sick feeling in the stomach 
as if i being poisoned and the feeling spreads quickly 
from the stomach to as if in the blood as well.
I have never mentioned it in any of my entries because i had no ready
credible interpretation and your mentioning it, now validates it 
and i can concentrate my observations towards that area a bit more.

I can see also that the gray sticky substance is a common occurrence
of your and my symptoms, except that the smell i detect on me
is more ashy rather than sour. 
Could be due to the variation of Yeast or possibly a mix of toxins 
or chemicals the body –is supposed to release in defence-
or perhaps... the lack of enough chemical release 
that allows the yeast’s odour to come through. 
The ashy odour i can often detect on me- especially on the head
i have interpreted as possibly, the smell of dead skin cells?... 
because there are so many people of varying ages
from as young as early 20s but mostly elderlies
that carry it, in overpowering degree.

I like what you are doing with your Diet, 
and i have myself additionally to the capsules, which i cannot take orally
added Three 200g Fat Free Yoghurt with a strong content
of Acidophilus bacteria. It has made a great deal of difference!
I believe, unless a co-incidence- that it is since i started on it
that the Type 2 shivers have diminished.

My aim is always to use More Natural treatments 
with proven good results
and the Less – of the forced to use- harmful poisons and drugs.

Cia, i hope you deal Successfully with the new invasion
-lucky your Dermatologist can now prescribe it for you!

Your story –in regards to Oil- confirms what i have known all along
and suspected even during my Controversial Experiment
which i might have not undertaken had i read your comments back then.
Fortunately, though at a heavy price, it opened my eyes 
in some other areas and lead to something way better 
that if it works in the long term it will revolutionise, at least my own life.

I will be glad to hear of your Progress
and i am thinking, since it took me so long to reply 
maybe You are Already cured again!

THANK YOU very much for sharing so openly in this Blog
It is a very hard and very brave thing to do 
and i know and face the dilemma personally 
every time i have to disclose such highly personal details
but i have decided to fight on and endeavour to help 
as many people as they can have the patience to read 
and get to understand the nature of this torturous creature 
and what it takes to combat it.
People usually are after quick solutions, including myself
and it takes a while for the penny to sink in and realise
that first one has to understand, as best is possible,
the Nature of the creature and how it Operates 
before any partially Effective measures are possible, 
while in the meantime many trials and painful errors
-let alone the financial cost and draining-are taking place.

Sharing between people that share the experiences
and know what it is like, helps us all cope emotionally 
and exchange tips and information that can be helpful,
since different things work for different people
with different degrees of immune responses, etc.

Thanks again, and please feel free to report again 
when there is something you would like to share.

Kind Regards

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(Anonymous on 19/01/12)

Just a thought about your daily action plan. You said, "Daily swim in salt chlorinated pool". Down load a copy of "lessons from the Miracle Doctors" by Jon Barron. A free copy in a PDF format or you can buy the newer book for under $20. See the chapter, "Dying of Thirst". Short version, Chlorinated water kills off our friendly bacteria and ingesting Probiotics while still exposing ourselve's to chlorinated H2O is not going to help regrow our friendly bacteria. A shower filter for bathing, rubber gloves (for doing dishes) and anything to keep that chlorinated water from contacting our body is necessary to rebuild our friendly bacteria. If you are not getting your water from a well, then the chlorinated city water is killing your friendly bacteria. Good luck and may your little friends become extinct. :)


Hello Anonymous, 

If you are a New Anonymous, 
Welcome and Thanks for the comment and the helpful info!
If you are the original Anonymous that has contacted before, glad to hear again and thanks!

Due to the lung condition i have been swimming in chlorinated water for the past decade
day in -day out and only recently in salted -sea salt turning into chlorine by the filter-
and i could not agree with you more, the skin does not like it
and although i have not chased the friendly flora of it under the microscope
i am absolutely sure that it would very scarce or totally perished and gone for a long time.
Due to the adverse effects of the MYF i cannot tell if this type is more beneficial
or just as harmful but it appears that a) MYF does not like ... and runs into my internals
-much to my frustration- and 2) any lesions -so few now, seem to heal faster with the
healing effect of the salt. 

I have often wondered where i could find info about the different friendly species 
that inhabit the skin and how i can help them grow and hopefully fight the MYF devil.

Yes, there is also chlorine and fluoride added in our ... 'Natural' tap water ... 
... city living unfortunately! :(

Any helpful info about the friendlies or any suggestions as how to help them
preferably with external use since anything orally has to be approved by my complex
intolerances system, lol!...and it is not as funny...will be greatly appreciated.

Interested also in the link for the PDF

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rather than clattering Reader's contribution i elected to add at the end of it my comments with (Ref *) to common shared points/areas of experience:

A very brave, consistent person! i thought i was the only mad one on the planet doing things that can bring tears to one's eyes... and more than frequently to mine!
"RUNNING" goes a long way further and doing a lot more... i wonder if combining some of the methods one could beat the beast ... but i am coming to suspect that only those with
no serious underlying illness or severe immunity can achieve a better result.

A Reader's own experience and methods - alias "RUNNING"
(permission given to publish in Blog):

( 6 Jan 12 )


Scalp / HairTreatment must be applied, Wait, rinse, Reapply, Wait, Rinse. It is time consuming.


Current: Full strength on eyebrows, scalp, AND EARS and shoulders.
This is NOT what bottle suggests.
This is MY TREATMENT since I still have problem after 1 month following their directions.
(Major biting has stopped, but still crawling =still active mites.)

Tested it first on eyebrows; did not fall out, then decided to use on Scalp, Ears.

FULL STRENGTH (straight from bottle, apply using finger tip)

2) EARS Full Strength Inside with swabs, behind ears,
(Found on only medical website.)

3) Got into shower and added water to HAIR later during shampoo.
(I just continued treatment from scalp to hair without rinsing in between.)

4) WAIT 7 minutes.

5) RINSE for 5 minutes.*


1) Scalp, hair, ears, eyebrows, face, nostrils
2) Wait 5 minutes
3) Rinse 10 minutes.*

* I have a Hand Shower Sprayer and use PULSE setting during rinses.

(In fact I dry my whole body with Paper Towels now for months.) *1
I do not comb my hair at all before using hair dryer.
Your hair will feel like velcro, keep working it with your fingers - as it dries, it UNTANGLES.
I sit with the hairdryer between my legs so I can use both hands to gently pull aprt hair clumps as they dry.
Using a comb or brush will only add stress to the hair and it will break off.
Note: I Tint and highlight my hair and it lightened it a lot. Some hair breaking off.

My SCALP PROBLEM AREA is on top crown area.
I think this is from wearing my sunglasses and glasses on my head.
I don't do this anymore!

I use Nizoral in evening or at 1 AM or 3 AM when I feel they are most active.
Did notice mites more aggressive with INCREASED, INTENSE for a few days
then dramatic reduction by using this full strength.

Past: Using Nizoral shampoo 2x a week.
(shampoo 5 min, rinse 5 minutes REPEAT PROCESS 2X.)
You must think this is a treatment and not just shampooing.
It takes a long time to set-up clock, get all your supplies and TIME shampoo and rinse cycles.
( 2 T shampoo recommended for my shoulder length hair)
Did not seem often enough and I still had problem after 1 month so I am trying more radical treatment.

1st time use: Small difference. Did feel BITING during process.
2nd time, more noticeable improvement. SLOW improvement. Milder biting during process.
Continued using 2x week and I would say biting was less intense.
Dr alerted me...this will take long time.
Estimate 1 month treatment 2x week
2 month preventative / maintenance1x week for 2nd month.
Well, 1 month has not eliminated them....into 2nd month now.

Prescription Nizoral is stronger.
I gambled the over the counter product would work as well as prescription.
Not sure if prescription shampoo is available, pharmacist said many products are being reformulated and sold over-the-counter, but OFTEN they are REDUCED strengths.
This is my back-up plan for month #3, try to get prescription Nizoral.

CURLING IRON: Pull through hair or roll over scalp (be careful not to burn yourself)
During day or at night if too tired to shampoo.*1-a

SUNGLASSES & GLASSES: Clorox Bleach Spray clean, Freezer.

HEAD SCARF: Day & Night, Change daily, I boil scarf.
I found 1 site, (sorry but I did not copy and can't find it now), that latest medical IDEA
is mite eggs are spread, airborne.
Am trying to reduce the MITE FACTORY, I am producing just by living in my house.

FACE is most active at this point. NOSE IS WORST.*2

Using shampoo, also full strength on cheek , upper lip, eyebrows, and up nostrils.
(Wish I could use it on eyelashes, but too strong and can damage corneas is my fear.)
Rinse off in kitchen sink, easier than bending over bathroom sink.
Treat face areas sometimes 4x a day. All depends on how active they are.

FACE PRESCRIPTION: METROGEL 1% (metronidazole) Used on face including eyelashes. $200 Yes, this stuff is EXPENSIVE. 2x a day? Hah. I can use a ton of it on nights when mites are SUPER active.
Dr thought it safe to use around EYELASH area. But I am very careful to only put a light layer on. (Pharmacist was very concerned I planned to use around my eyelashes, what choice do I have?)
Pharmacist found rebate from Dr office and I paid less but this stuff is still crazy expensive. Pharmacist the Metro Cream version is cheaper, but I feel the cream may leave residual oils, so I insisted on the gel.

MAKEUP / Face Skin Care: Throw out almost everything.
I read on one site from a nurse to get rid of it. I agree.
Few Items I kept, I microwaved or put in freezer.

Rebought items for Acne Skin, and am trying to use without contaminating with fingers.
My skin is aging without moisturizers, or maybe I'm just tired.
I use Aloe Vera Gel. So far no skin sores, but flaky around nose.

I wear, only when I leave house. Otherwise, nothing.

WAXED: Hairline (right where I sweat )above forehead and upper lip - felt it really helped
even though a layer of skin came off.
Put aloe vera gel on after.

PLUCKED: Nose hairs. Felt that helped.

SHOULDERS: I think scalp / face mites transferred to my shoulder
so I SLEEP WITH ARMS UNDER PILLOW if I sleep on my side.
Right now this area has been clear for 3 weeks, so I think it is OK.*3

DEODORANT: Changed to SPRAY DEODORANT and not roll-on or tube.

FEET: clotrimazole cream 1%, Used Generic. Athlete's Foot gone now. (Never had this before either.)
Put Foot powder in shoes, read labels, not all products are anti=fungus. Freeze shoes on cold nights.
(Note podiatrist had told my Mom to use LYSOL Spray = Wrong! It does nothing!!!
Please understand I like Lysol, but it has not been effective at all!)

Spray with Bleach spray at night before I go to bed.
I try not to go on computer each day.
I try to keep the area clutter-free.

TV REMOTES in ZIP LOC BAGS. Wipe bleach spray or change bags.

FREEZER: Home PHONE and CELL PHONES, keys, wallet.
I think the section on cheek is from talking on phone.
I think they can survive inside tech equipment.
I use SPEAKER PHONE setting so I keep phone away from face / hair.

Think about it, I doubt any research has been on tech equipment and mites.
Bedbugs have been found in bedroom clocks and other people swear they were in their keyboards.
I agree, I am sure my keyboard was a HUGE problem while I was spending hours for weeks doing research. Ugh.
I feel they adapted to new technology.
Been around for thousands of years, why wouldn't bugs adapt to our new tech stuff?

We had a cold snap below freezing and I hauled out a bunch of stuff outside overnight.
It may not kill 100% but it has to be making a difference!
I dragged as much outside as I had energy for.

AIR OUT HOUSE: to keep bleach fumes low.

BOIL DAILY: Clothes, Head Scarf, Pillow Case.
BOIL 2x Week: Sheets, Blankets. ( I was doing this daily, but am too tired to maintain.)*4

Trying to reduce any additional chemical smells in house.
My system is on overload from bleach which is necessary.

WIPE FLOORS with paper towels, on occasion and lightly mist spray on Clorox BLEACH Spray.
Lysol is worthless!!!!!
Carpet, I STEAM more than vacuum.*5

For cleaning.
Was wearing them using computer and now feel safe and not getting biting in this area, so bleach is working.
Have used for months for drying hands, for showering, & hair. I buy in bulk. Bounty Select-a-Size works great.
Also use a ton for cleaning.

CLOTHES: Am throwing out lots. Most I have boiled, or have tried freezing outside.*6

Put in plastic once clean.

IRON: Clothes I can't boil on highest setting.*7


BUTTERMILK at least 2 large glasses daily; seems to help me sleep at night, too..
Yeast-free vitamins
Use very few MOLD products: Cheese, wine, beer
NO SUGAR: Sweeten with honey, am buying Manuka Honey 16+ (Ugh, expensive again)
Trying to rebuild my immune system.*8

Acidophilus 2 caps 4x daily
CHLOROPHYLL Capsules: Reduce toxins in body 3 caps 4x daily
DRY Vit E: Rebuilds skin cells, antioxidant (at night)
Flaxseed oil 1000 mg Good for skin (at night)
Grape Seed Extract antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, some believe it helps skin so am trying it.*9

SLEEPING PILL: My dermatologist wrote a prescription and that has made a huge difference.
At first I thought, I don't need them.
I don't use them often, great knowing I have them.
After days with not enough rest, or being up all night and still not being able to sleep or I feel like a zombie,it was a smart idea. Can't rebuild my system if I don't get sleep.

RESEARCHING FACE MASK: To use when vacuuming.
Daily vacuuming I did for 1 month I think just spread thru house.
Also, NOSE area became a bigger problem and still is.
I feel mites or mite eggs are now air borne in house.

RESEARCHING HYPERHEPA Air Filter. These run $800. Hyperhepa filters are used in hospitals?

Dermatologist::: 1
Grateful, does not think I am crazy.*10

I don't think at first, dermatologist felt BITING was true, but very dry, itchy skin.

Took months to get to this point where I think we agree what the problem is.

= Thank you Sonata for pics & info!!!!*11

Even though I have no "test" to confirm what I have, and dermatologist does not "see" anything we are on this track together.
Claims no other patients dealing with this.
My "case" does not seem "typical".
Office staff has done some research and agree the bugs out now can be Super Bugs and not like past.

At first skin creams prescribed felt good, but ultimately backfired. Deceptive progress.*12

Eventually, I felt a big INCREASE in biting activity within days, so have stopped using them:
Hydrocortisone 2.5%
Derma-Smoothe /FS (for whole body & scalp)
Eurax seemed to be temporary help but it flared up more rampant and not acceptable for eye area.

>>>Now using
Nizoral Treatment Shampoo,
Metrogel eyelashes - face (have not explained am also using inside nostrils)
Derma-Smoothe /FS on hands
PILL: Hydoxyzine HC 25 mg for Sleep, also helps with itching?

Dermatologist::: 2
Thinks there is a GENETIC COMPONENT working against me.*13

Dad had something like this for awhile, years back. He didn't talk about it.
He rinsed his head with vodka. Parents no longer alive to ask.
( Mosquitoes love me and loved my Dad. Of course this is not the same.)

Dermatologist::: 3*14

Is not interested in details, just wants me to keep it short.
This is complicated, and difficult to shorten.
Whatever, as long as I get prescriptions......and am finally making some progress, I count myself as lucky.

My husband does not seem to be affected, but I take lots of precautions.*15
Each have our own set of blankets.
We have our own SEATING AREAS to sit in house.
TV remotes: Separate.
He has his own cell phone and rarely uses any house phones - using speaker phone setting.
His laundry is never mixed in with mine and is washed separately.


I am staying away people; living like a hermit.
Really I have no time do anything anyway as am cleaning constantly.
I try not to touch anyone.

We don't see people right now.
I wish I could play with the children in my family, but I don't want to spread this to anyone.

I agonize over spreading this to anyone else.

I see others in public with similar behaviors.
(I feel more people have this than will admit it or realize, or they are at early stages....)*17

No use purse.
Often carry-out from restaurants. Sat in restaurant 1x in about 3 months and did not enjoy it.
I use self check out lane at stores. I am seeing store clerks wearing gloves.

I know I am stressed out.

I may not have won battle, but looking back, things are better than they were months ago.
At least I'm not getting worse! ;o)

Hope some of this information has helped!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sonata's Comments:

*1-DRY Hair with PAPER TOWELS:

Costly but Very good idea! ...reduces possibility of fungal survival and recontamination


I dont do much to the hair itself other than applying the Zinc Pyrithion and Selenium Sulphite shampoo mixture 15 -20 mins prior to a shower, primarily because the gritty crystalline shards -see photo section- are deposited on the scalp and hard to remove. I try brushing hard and use very hot rinsing water. Both the hot water or hot iron proximity could either destroy the shards or ... if in its preferred temperature of 35C ...activate them!... On the other hand the cold would leave them unharmed. One effective thing i did was to apply a mixture of the shampoos with Neutrogena -see relevant tab- and leave overnight covered with a shower cap or lycra cap. Nothing moved for two days until a new batch invaded. Unfortunately i suffered severe arthritis for a couple of days, as well as ling bleeding -salicylic acid in Neutrogena is a blood thinner to be used with caution but those with blood problems.


- Yes, most likely because it is naturally oily and MYF loves and proliferates in oil

*3-Transferred to shoulder:

- Using substances on the scalp /hair drives it away to the closest areas such as eyes,
ears, shoulders etc, and an area may suffer for some time then moves to another.
I usually feel the movement from the scalp down to the shoulder.
It also operates on 4-5 stages ( 3-5 day cycle approx) from spore to maturity/multiplicity
and the first 2-3 are more deceptively quiet leading to belief that something works...
and then ...hell brakes lose again...


-Tiring and costly and in the end partially effective as there are so many other items that cannot be effectively treated. I machine wash everything Daily from bedsheets/ p/cases, and towels to all clothing used including jumpers, denims, jackets etc.

*5-STEAM more than Vacuum:

-Great idea, vacuuming may upset settled spores in the area and relocate them onto clothes and furniture etc.

*6-CLOTHES: Throwing out lots:

-Yes, mostly woolen, hairy and un washable types.


- I applaud the idea but i do not like ironing and adds to the power bill
so i concentrate on my body, but i believe beyond doubt ironing definitely kills the beast it has nowhere to go, dig, hide, disappear and the temperature as long as it is high is lethal.
Will keep it in mind if i reach the end of body solutions.


-I like the plan, i will be reporting my own observations soon ... ah time! ...time! ...
i need a secretary to help with the Blog or a robot maid to do the rest, lol!


-Sounds good too! ...will be reporting on this soon too

*10-Re: Dermatologist 1:

-You are very lucky in deed, and it does not matter what D really thinks
as long as he/ she keep it inside their own head and are prepared to help in some way.

*11-THANKS both sides:

-It is more than a pleasure if hours of work and days of research and effort
has helped one person even in a small way... my thanks to you too for your coming forth with your experience and contribution - may help others


-Glad to hear you confirming this, i too have paid a high price both in dollars
and very painful adverse results.


-Genetic or Low Immunity...
I remember my dad often used to go crazy with itchy back asking me to scrub where he could not reach either with a long brush he had or with my bare nails ... but i was too young with little hands and ineffective...
I wonder if it was the same and how much of it was transferred to me unbeknown
to both of us...

*14-Dermatologist 3:Not interested in details:

- They do not know much and neither are interested in learn or help in a
meaningful way as it falls beyond their known regular prescription box.
Some times i wonder whether it would take some of them or a close loved one
to be afflicted by this painful experience, to perhaps spur their interest
towards more in-depth investigation, openness and willingness to discover and help...


- My husband too is affected but not as severely as myself, hair and scalp, eyes etc and on body just red spots, rarely itching or progressing into lesions, but he has a better immune system, no underlying illness and has not been on long term antibiotics like myself.


- I share this part much the same way!


- Given that 98% of people have it and it is everywhere in the environment
this is very much the case. It also has a peculiar strong ASHY-death- type of smell
which i recognise immediately and i know which people have it -even if they do not know it.

Many people with Restless Leg Syndrome -though not all of them, as there are other causes for RLS- are likely having MYF because it concentrates both in the outer as well as inner anal ring area stimulating constantly the nerve endings and this is felt more prominently at night when the person /body is resting.

The stronger the jerking the more MYF concentration.

One or two 2Ltr warm clean water enemas, partially cleans the area ...temporarily and relieves the jerking.

I suspect and have indications -too long to elaborate here- that Restless Leg Syndrome on the left leg in women is due to concentration in the vaginal entrance and inside the uterus.
Acidophilus capsules seem to lessen and relieve the severity of the problem
but again only temporarily.